Let’s Talk About Cordyceps

Killer fungus or Healing phenomenon?

Cordyceps seems to be having its day in the sun. Supplements containing them are lining the shelves, people are taking notice of them, and there are even mainstream movie plots based on their rather horrifyingly parasitic method of invading, growing inside, then bursting forth from caterpillar larvae. (As witnessed in HBO’s, ‘The Last of Us’ where a mysterious fungus zombifies humanity).

We, however, prefer to focus on the facts.

Although the Cordyceps we use in OMFG gummies are not caterpillar-sourced, it’s interesting to note how Cordyceps Sinensis traditionally propagate.

Cordyceps spores inhabit the larvae of the ghost moth caterpillar draining it of nutrition. Eventually, the fungus takes over the caterpillar’s nervous system and behavior, compelling it to climb to higher ground. Finally, a fruiting body (read mushroom) sprouts from the caterpillar’s head like a victoriously macabre horn, killing the host, exploding, and spreading spores to invade the larvae below.

Yes, it would be fair to ask "who in hell would think to eat such a thing?". But humans will try anything, even if only once. The story goes that yak herders in the craggy alpine Himalayas of Tibet, India, and Nepal1—which is where ghost moth caterpillars are found—noticed that their herds were energetic and extra virile when dining on these hijacked caterpillar carcasses. Curious about the sudden boost in energy, one of them must have thought, ‘Wow, you know, maybe I should try some of that.’2 In doing so, they stumbled upon one of the most potent natural medicines known to humankind.    

Traditional healers in the himalayas recommended cordyceps for
just about any ailment  

Cordyceps in OMFG Mushroom Gummies

The Cordyceps extract that we use is not sourced from Himalayan caterpillar carcasses. That species of Cordyceps, known as wild Orphiocordyceps Sinensis, is exceedingly rare and expensive given that it only occurs in a very small region of the planet, (we’re talking above 10,000 feet, where Cordyceps are found in the spring emerging from the subterranean moth larvae they inhabit). Researching for this article, we saw a market price ranging from $8,000 to a staggering $50,000 per pound. 

We use the extract of Cordyceps militaris, which is made from pure fruiting bodies cultivated on a substrate free from insects (so yes, our extract is vegan). Militaris, a species of Cordyceps, has a similar profile with regard to active compounds, and actually tests higher in two very valuable phytochemicals that lend Cordyceps much of their healing mojo: cordycepin and adenosine.  

Cordycepin is largely responsible for the myriad health-giving properties found in the fungus.

Adenosine helps boost the cells’ production of ATP, the system that delivers the energy from cells that enable the body to exercise.9 Not only is a steady stream of ATP important for the body to sustain physical activity, but it might also improve cognitive functioning and be crucial for protecting neurons in the brain.10

FYI: if you buy supplements that claim to have extract of Cordyceps sinensis, they are most likely made from mycelium that is grown out of a liquid culture of the sinensis and not from the fungal bodies themselves, so their efficacy is dubious. Likely those products contain very little of the healing compounds attributed to Cordyceps. 

benefits of cordyceps:

  • Promotes sustained energy and endurance 
  • Protects brain synapses
  • Improves memory
  • Helps the body cope with stress
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports immune system health
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Cordyceps can be found in OMFG Brain Health mushroom gummies.

While the historical record of Cordyceps and its applications goes back millennia, it only started showing up in writing three centuries ago when it was introduced into the materia medica of Chinese medicine3 as a kidney and lung tonic and as an enhancer of virility and fertility.Traditional healers in the high Himalayas recommended them for just about any illness, as they claim it improves energy, appetite, stamina, libido, endurance, and sleeping patterns.2 


In 1993, Cordyceps hit the world stage—literally— when a team of female Chinese runners smashed Olympic records. They were suspected of dabbling in steroids but tested clean, leaving the powers-that-be scratching their heads. Their coach explained that they were all supplementing with Cordyceps, a natural metabolic enhancer and energy optimizer.4

Cordyceps is thought to improve athletic performance by increasing blood flow, enhancing oxygen utilization, increasing ATP production, and hastening the clearance of lactic acid, which allows athletes to maintain a higher intensity of exercise, and, in turn, be protected by the oxidative stress of such high intensity exercise by the high levels of antioxidants that it contains.4 

Like most other functional mushrooms, Cordyceps has all the right stuff going for it in terms of being high in antioxidant, immuno-modulatory, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties.It also shares some of the wondrous anti-cancer, anti-tumor, hepatoprotective, antimicrobial, renoprotective, neuroprotective, lipid-lowering, and anti-hyperglycemic properties of other wonder-shrooms.3, 5, 7,8 But all of these functional mushrooms have their own brand of special sauce, something that sets them apart from other players on the field. In the case of Cordyceps, it’s the potential to be a sexually-enhancing tonic for both men and women. It can address the issue of erectile dysfunction through it’s ability to boost testosterone6,7, as well as stimulate the production of nitric oxide.8

Research suggests Reishi may:

  • Promote healthy cell growth and turnover*
  • Support healthy sleep*
  • Help maintain balance in the endocrine system*
  • Support DNA and healthy cell growth*
  • Support healthy liver function*
  • Promote heart health*
  • Support healthy digestive function*
  • Promote a healthy, balanced mood*
Reishi can be found in OMFG:

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Reishi can be found in OMFG:

Elderberry Blueberry Immunity Gummies

Passionfruit Mango Sleep Gummies

Cordyceps has all
the right stuff:

anti-inflammatory compounds
adaptogenic properties  

What also sets Cordyceps apart from other functional fungi is its anti-fatigue and stamina-enhancing properties which we elucidated earlier. This makes it the mushroom to tap for an increase in mental and physical energy.

We put the equivalent of 1000mg per gram of Cordyceps militaris in our OMFG Brain Health formula, the recommended minimum dose to realize the myriad benefits of this super shroom.

Health benefits accumulate over time so it’s recommended to do 1-3 grams daily over the course of at least a few months. Human trials have often used a range of 1000-3000 mg daily with good results and few documented side-effects.

As always, check with your physician before incorporating Cordyceps into your daily routine to make sure it is appropriate for you. Due to their anti-coagulant activity, do not take for several days before surgery.

Other than pre-surgery, we recommend they be taken every day.  


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