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Oh My Fungi Gummies is a family-owned business. our Mushroom gummies and packaging are manufactured here in the U.S. We are wellness junkies, always in hot pursuit of the best science-backed ingredients that actually work.

After a lot of research, we were alarmed to discover how much consumers spend on health supplements that use cheap, inferior ingredients that cannot be properly absorbed by the human body. In other words, a lot of the products out there are fairly useless! So we decided to make some quality health supplements that we felt we would want to take every day.

When we became aware of the clinically proven health benefits of mushrooms, we decided to track down some of the purest and most potent functional mushroom fruiting-body extracts in the world to make a mushroom supplement that is highly bio-available to the human body in the form a delicious fruit-based gummy, a form factor people might actually look forward to taking. (Fact: 40% of Americans hate taking pills. Bet you’ve got a supplement graveyard like we do!)  

With that, our mushroom gummies were born! These adaptogenic treats are made with high-quality, organic mushroom extracts combined with organic fruit concentrates and other vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to enhance their health-giving properties. We guarantee this is a supplement you will look forward to taking!

We highly recommend you read the following info to become educated on mushrooms and their highest value form. Even if you don’t buy our mushroom gummies, you ought to know this stuff. 

Fruiting Bodies vs Mycelium

There is a huge difference between these two parts of fungi. Fruiting bodies are the mushrooms, or the bit you see above ground, and that’s where the concentrated goodness is.

What Are Beta and Alpha Glucans

This is critical to understand functional mushrooms. Beta-glucans are a group of polysaccharides that come in various forms. Beta-D-glucans are specific to fungi and yeast and they’re the compounds that benefit the human body, helping to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

What Are Triterpenoids?

These are potent phytochemicals (plant compounds). The ones found in functional mushrooms are particularly potent. Research indicates that they may have beneficial effects on immunity and healthy cell turnover.


Powders are dried mushrooms that have been ground up. They are the cheapest form of mushrooms, and yes, the least beneficial health-wise with far fewer of the mycological superheroes, beta-glucans and triterpenoids.


We source our functional mushrooms from the ancient mountain regions of heartland China. You may be thinking 'Oh shoot, China has a pollution problem!' but we can assure you we found the purest grounds there was around.


What makes our functional mushrooms superior to most mushrooms grown in the US or other parts of the world? Ours are grown on richly nutrient native wood substrates, like in the wild, which gives them more benefits. 



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