What is Prop 65?

Prop 65 is a law unique to California. We celebrate that our state has some of the strictest limitations on chemicals classified as toxic or capable of causing harm. The FDA thresholds for allowable amounts of these same chemicals are considerably higher than Prop 65.

However, it can be hard to understand what this means. There are over 1000 chemicals on the Prop 65 list. Plants raised naturally in soil—even grown organically—can be exposed to ambient chemicals and contain trace amounts of heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals because, well, let’s face it, our world ain’t perfect.

Heavy metals are naturally occurring, but, because of our industrialized society they also rain down from the heavens and are in the air we breathe. Many “natural” products contain trace amounts of the chemical compounds in question. And there is no rule mandating that supplement companies such as ourselves must test for these compounds. However, we test all of our products with third-party labs. 

Should I be concerned about this warning?

We cannot really answer that for you. Prop 65 errs heavily on the side of caution and applies to many substances that most of us consume regularly (coffee, alcoholic beverages, beauty creams, cosmetics, household cleaning products, even tooth floss).

The main purpose of the law, aka, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, is to empower the consumer to make educated decisions about exposure to chemicals that have been linked to cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some of those substances may have to be consumed in enormous amounts to be harmful, but CA wants its citizens to be aware. 

Why do OMFG gummies carry this warning?

We are more than happy to share the particulars with you if you would like to understand why we chose to comply with this ordinance. Feel free to reach out to hello@omfg-gummies.com with questions.

We assure you that we get all of our products third-party tested and buy from top-shelf organic providers wherever possible. We respect this law and feel we must abide by it transparently.


Our goal is to help bring the healing power of functional mushrooms back into the mainstream. (Let’s not forget that this is actually 5,400-year-old medicine used by the Aztecs, Greeks, Chinese, and the Europeans. Even Ötzi the Iceman had some in his bag when he met his untimely death).