Functional Mushrooms

What’s all the fuss about Functional mushrooms?

We’re delighted to respond to that question.

Although the mushrooms we use are not “magic” (psychedelic) mushrooms, we think all mushrooms are magical. We’re happy to discuss the benefits of the ones that alter consciousness, but that’s a discussion for another day. Today we’re talking about functional mushrooms. 

We’re obsessed with the medicinal kind: reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, turkey tail, cordyceps, maitake—to name just a few. Their benefits are hard to enumerate because the list is so long. Ancient medicinal traditions have documented their use for 5,000 years or more1, and Western medicine is just now starting to catch on and give them the attention they so deserve. Research is beginning to prove the incredible properties of functional mushrooms—from extraordinary medicinal benefits to toxic cleanups to breaking down plastic2.

We would have thought the scientific community would have taken notice sooner considering the world-changing antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered by accident when a fungus grew on a Petri dish and killed the deadly Staphylococcus bacteria it contained3. However, we’re glad functional mushrooms are taking a rightful place in preventative medicine and general wellness. 

At OMFG, we trust science, and turn to it to validate our beliefs and to formulate our products. Please feel free to dig into the research pages and see for yourselves. Fungi-based wellness is not just another ‘health craze.’ The benefits of these phenomenal and adaptogenic mushrooms are deeply steeped in science and are here to stay.

“The benefits of these phenomenal and Adaptogenic Mushrooms are deeply steeped in science and are here to stay.”

How did we get here?

We are a team of wellness advocates, innovators, artists, dreamers, and nerds. Like many people, we were catalyzed by watching Louie Schwartzberg’s amazing film, Fantastic Fungi4 which highlights the life and work of mycologist Paul Stamets, aka the Mushroom King. The documentary, with its mind blowing footage, flipped a switch for all of us (see it on Netflix if you haven’t already).

But there were other motivating factors too. At least half of our team has struggled with keeping up a wellness supplement regimen because we loathe taking pills. Turns out we’re not alone. Up to 40% of Americans have issues taking pills6,7. Many of us can relate to the experience of reading about benefits of various health supplements, then going out and spending a bunch of money on them, only to have them sit and languish in the cupboard, untouched. So we decided to break that cycle by making the mushrooms we admire into something habit-forming and delicious—pure fruit, no-sugar-added, top-shelf-ingredient mushroom supplement gummies that are actually bioavailable to the human body. And instead of lumping low doses of many functional mushrooms together as we found other products did, we decided to use high doses of the ones that are best for the health-need we are addressing.

“Ancient medicinal traditions have documented their use for 5,000 years or more”

The past few years have seen an influx of wellness gummies flooding the market. But most of these are coated in sugar, have sugar in them, and many are gelatin-based. Gelatin, in case you didn’t know, comes from boiling animal hides, crushed bones and the connective tissue of cattle, horses and pigs. Note what word springs to mind when you read that…

We took our formulations a step further because we also dislike taking multiple supplements and always forget. So we augmented our mushroom gummies with more-than-adequate daily doses of other essential active ingredients and vitamins and minerals. Combine all this in one delicious, fruit-sweetened mushroom gummy supplement and it means a lot fewer pills to force down your gullet!

In short, we created what we felt was missing out there in the world of wellness, and we’re so glad we did as we love them. We hope you will too.

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Brain Health Mushroom Gummies

| 30 day supply


Immunity Mushroom Gummies

| 30 day supply


Sleep Mushroom Gummies

| 30 day supply



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