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There are mushrooms for that. But not all mushroom supplements are created equal.

The health benefits of functional mushrooms have been known for millennia, but in recent years hard science has proven them. Functional mushrooms contain compounds that support the human body in extraordinary ways. For example, studies indicate that Lion’s Mane may not only boost memory and concentration, but also support a more balanced mood.1

Functional mushrooms contain adaptogens in the form of beta-glucans and triterpenoids – these compounds help bodies adapt to and fight off chemical, biological, and physical stress. Adaptogens help our bodies' systems function at their best.

Unfortunately, most ‘mushroom’ products are mycelium powders farmed on either rice or oat substrate, which means they contain much less beta-glucans and more starch.

Why is beta-glucan count important? 

Beta-glucans are the active ingredient in mushroom supplements which interact with receptors in our cells, activating our immune systems, supporting a healthy stress response, promoting neural cell growth and regeneration, and more. Less beta-glucans means less of what your body needs.2

Research suggests Chaga may:

  • Promote antioxidant support*
  • Support normal production of white blood cells*
  • Promote healthy function of the liver and digestive system*
  • Promote healthy cell growth and turnover*
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels already within normal ranges*
  • Support physical endurance*

Chaga can be found in OMFG Immunity gummies

What to look for in a mushroom supplement 

Organic Fruiting Bodies
- Fruiting bodies contain higher beta-glucans, antioxidants, and amino acids (the good stuff)
- Avoid mycelium-only products, which contain very little beta-glucans

Mushroom Extracts vs. Powders
- Powders are typically made with dried and ground mushrooms, which is cheaper to produce yet less effective
- Beta-glucans live in the cell wall of the mushroom, and the human digestive system cannot absorb them in this form 
- The extraction process is expensive, but makes it possible for your body to absorb the health-boosting beta-glucans
- Many mushroom powders pass through your body with little to no absorption

Wood Substrate
- Look for products that are grown on native wood substrate, NOT grains
- Most mushroom products are farmed on either rice or oat substrate,
which means they contain less beta-glucans and more starch

No Added Sweeteners, Gelatin, or Colors
- Buy products with only natural colors and flavors

Added Vitamins, Botanicals and Adaptogens
- Hate taking pills or using messy powders? Try a supplement that has added beneficial ingredients for an all-in-one daily treat

Mushrooms Per Dollar
- Look for the highest amount of mushroom extract per dollar spent

When products are made with mycelium-on-grain
they are mainly starch,
not beta-glucans.

Bottom line, improved health should be affordable and easy.  

This is why we created Oh My Fungi Gummies (OMFG). We make delicious pure fruit gummies that combine potent functional mushroom extracts (Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake and Chaga) with vitamins and adaptogens to help you boost your brain, sleep more soundly, and toughen your immune system.

OMFG Gummies

Organic Fruiting Body Extracts
Grown on Native Wood Substrates
No Gelatin, Added Sweeteners, or Artificial Colors
Added Vitamins, Botanicals and Adaptogens
And the most mushrooms per dollar

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