What’s All The Fuss About Functional Mushrooms?

Of 145,000 identified fungi species, about 14,000 are mushrooms and only 12–15 of these have been labeled ‘functional mushrooms’, meaning they contain compounds with proven, exceptional benefits for human health.

Ancient medicinal traditions have documented the use of these mushrooms for 5,000 years or more, and scientific research is beginning to confirm their extraordinary medicinal benefits.1

"How can these mushrooms help me?" We're glad you asked.

...and we're just getting started.

With so many benefits, everybody has a reason to be taking a mushroom supplement.

This is why we created Oh My Fungi Gummies (OMFG). We make delicious pure fruit gummies that combine potent functional mushroom extracts (Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey tail, Maitake, Shiitake and Chaga) with vitamins and adaptogens to help you protect your brain, sleep more soundly, and toughen your immune system. To sum it up, OMFG offers the highest quality, most effective mushroom products on the market, plus they’re backed by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Organic Fruiting Body Extracts
Made With No Starches
No Gelatin, Added Sweeteners, or Artificial Colors
Added Vitamins, Botanicals and Adaptogens
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