Why choose OMFG gummies?

Here’s a riddle: What are two things that are seemingly everywhere these days? If you guessed ‘functional mushrooms’ and ‘gummies’ then you guessed right!

When we set out to make mushroom gummies (because we love mushrooms but hate popping pills), we did a Google search and found about 3 other mushroom gummies on the market. We ordered them, tried them, and were not very impressed; not with the flavors, nor the ingredients, nor the branding. And I’m not going to lie, for us this was great news because we knew we could put out a superior product and most likely stand out in a saturated mushroom supplements market. 

Little did we know how saturated that market would become! Now, there are no fewer than a dozen mushroom gummies on the market. We still order them, try them, and continue to feel like what we’re producing is something that rises above all the rest. Here’s why:

“Make sure any mushroom supplements you buy uses fruiting-body extract.”

Mycelium vs Fruiting Body Extracts in Functional Mushrooms

A year ago, very few people had any idea what the ‘Mycelium vs Fruiting Body’ debate was all about. Now, it’s a common talking point amongst mycophiles and mushroom supplements afficionados alike.

What is the fruiting body of fungi and what is its role?

Here is a succinct breakdown: Mushroom products are usually made with three things: ground-up mushroom fruiting bodies (caps/stems), extracts of these fruiting bodies (water, alcohol or both), or mycelium and mycelium extracts (the ‘root-like’ vegetative structure that lives under the earth, from which the mushroom itself springs forth and breaks through the soil).

You might be thinking that using the whole, raw mushroom would be ideal, as we often have come to believe that a vegetable or fruit in its whole form would provide us with the most nutrient-rich form. However, in the case of functional mushrooms, this is not true because of a fibrous substance called chitin, which, by design, gives structural integrity to the mushroom but also keeps some of the most potent medicinal elements under lock and key. The chitin, along with other polysaccharides found within its armor, contains the highest amount of beta-glucans and triterpenes, both of which have astounding immuno-modulatory as well as other properties that adaptogenic and medicinal mushrooms are known for. But to truly liberate this treasure trove, that protective chitin layer of the mushroom must be broken down to release all the natural stimulants within. This is what the extraction process does. The human body has a much harder time breaking down this material, so it’s better to have a mushroom product where this is already done for us.

Anatomy of a mushroom - stem, cap and mycelium represented in an infographic

Research suggests Chaga may:

  • Promote antioxidant support*
  • Support normal production of white blood cells*
  • Promote healthy function of the liver and digestive system*
  • Promote healthy cell growth and turnover*
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels already within normal ranges*
  • Support physical endurance*

Chaga can be found in OMFG Immunity gummies

Because of this well-known fact, there are now far less non-extracted mushroom supplements on the market but it should be your first level of discernment. Make sure any product you buy uses “fruiting-body extract.”

Mycelium Vs Fruiting Body

The next level is mycelium vs fruiting bodies. Fruiting bodies, as explained above, are the mushrooms themselves. They grow on rotting wood or forest debris, or pop out of the soil from a mycelial mat running underground. 

So why is fruiting body better than mycelium?

It all comes down to the way the mushrooms are harvested. Attempting to wildcraft or forage in order to meet the ever-growing demand for medicinal mushrooms is totally inconceivable. Cultivation of functional mushrooms at scale is cost-prohibitive in most highly developed nations, which is why many companies use mycelium-on-grain (MOG). The mycelium is injected into a starch substrate (usually rice or oats) and grows on that substrate. The problem? The mushroom metabolizes that substrate, and instead of creating beta-glucans in high amounts, it contains high amounts of starch. Then the whole resulting mass is ground up or extracted. Because the mycelium ends up inextricably bound with the starch, the final product you are consuming ends up with a large amount of starch.1

“When products are made with mycelium-on-grain, a good percentage of that figure is just starch.”

Additionally, mycelium does not contain the high levels of beta-glucans and triterpenes1 that fruiting bodies do. In fact, fruiting body extracts consistently demonstrate at least 2-5 times2 the amounts of these healing gems than mycelium.1
We are certainly not saying that mycelium is useless — studies have indicated that it does carry immunological activity. But that activity pales in comparison to that of fruiting bodies. We always prefer the highest level of value for the least level of ingestion, or to put it plainly, more bang for the buck.

Mycelium vs fruiting body

Mushroom gummies made with fruiting bodies rather than mycelium

Depending on which product marketing you read, you could be convinced either way that one or the other is better for you overall. We did our own research and decided that extracted fruiting bodies had the most cred and the best science backing it, so that’s what we went with. We decided to source our functional mushrooms from an organic farm in the clean, green hills of China, where they are grown at scale without having to charge exorbitant prices that would make the manufacturing of mushroom supplements like ours a non-starter. This is the same area in which medicinal mushroom supplements have been growing medicinal mushrooms for over 5,000 years.

“Not only do we use fruiting bodies in organic extract form, but we put more of it in our mushroom gummies than most other health supplement brand out there.”

Keep in mind as well, that when mushroom supplements made with mycelium-on-grain are putting ‘xx’ number of milligrams on their labels, a good percentage of that figure is just starch, since you cannot separate the two.

A higher propotion of active agent than any other competitors

Not only do we use fruiting bodies in organic extract form, but we put more of it in our mushroom gummies than most other health supplement brand out there. Some of the leading mushroom supplements don’t even put the amounts on their nutrition label.

“We are definitely giving you more functional mushroom bang for your buck!”

As an example, one of the best-selling brands of mushroom gummies uses a 6-mushroom blend with under 100 mg of each functional mushroom per dose. Granted, they use good-quality extracts which many mushroom supplements don’t use, but let’s compare our portions to theirs: we use 300 mg. Of each functional mushroom in our Immunity blend which features 5 mushrooms: turkey tail, reishi, maitake, shiitake and chaga. And this other brand comes in at $7 over our price point for the same number of doses!

As far as mushroom gummies that feature extracts of just one or two functional mushroom varieties, most brands typically put 300 to 500 mg of each mushroom in their doses, whereas our Sleep mushroom gummies variety features the equivalent of 1000 mg of Reishi per dose and our Brain Health mushroom gummies variety features equivalent of 1000 mg of each lion’s mane and Cordyceps per dose. The only health supplement brand that puts in a comparable amount of single-mushroom extract per dose, also comes in at $7 over our price point for the same number of doses. So, as you can see, we are definitely giving you more functional mushroom bang for your buck!

Our Mushroom Gummies Ingredients

We talked about the difference in quality among the type of mushrooms used in the functional mushroom supplements market. This was not specific to mushroom gummies, but rather to all of the health supplements in the entire sphere of mushroom wellness products available. The upshot of that post? Organic fruiting bodies is where it’s at in terms of natural stimulant source! Today, we will focus on a comparison of mushroom gummies specifically. We compiled an analysis of the different mushroom gummies (at least the ones we were able to find with an internet search) and found a few distinct ways that we differ from the competition.

Fruit-based mushroom gummies

The most striking difference is that we are the only fruit-based gummy on the market. Our mushroom gummies are made from organic concentrated fruits and give birth to delicious peach brain health supplements, tropical flavored stress relief gummies, and berry packed immunity supplements

No added sugar

“There is not one other mushroom gummy on the market that is not sweetened with added sugars”

OMFG wellness gummies are only sweetened with fruit. No added sugars or syrups. There are no other mushroom gummies on the market that’s not sweetened with added sugars. One brand of gummies uses stevia to sweeten, which is an improvement in terms of keeping the sugar content down, but most likely tastes like, well, stevia (bitter sweet).

Most other mushroom supplement brands use lots of white sugar, and/or glucose syrup. A couple use coconut sugar, which is a slight improvement over cane sugar but it’s still sugar. There is Another brand that uses allulose and agave, which are lighter offenders, but they’re still highly-processed added sweeteners. Allulose is also very expensive, which is possibly why these mushroom gummies come in at $1.49 per dose in comparison to ours which come in at $0.93 per dose at full retail price. And they are the only gummy that had no information on their health supplement label about how much functional mushrooms they are providing per dose. A couple of brands out there still formulate with gelatin, which is made from crushed up animal bones and tissues.

No artificial food coloring

“We use no artificial coloring agents, which can be neurotoxic”

 Another advantage of our mushroom gummies is that we use no artificial coloring agents, some of which are neurotoxic. Typical candy gummies are color-enhanced to give them that special ‘candy’ look, but using artificial colors is not consistent with our ethos of providing a natural product. Plus we don’t feel the need to make ‘eye-candy’ out of our fruit-based mushroom gummies; their flavor and health value speaks for itself. 

Higher concentration of fruiting bodies

"We supply a higher dose of fruiting body mushroom extract per dose than most other gummy brands”

We mentioned it before but, as far as our price range, we are right in the median price range for this type of mushroom supplements, but we supply a higher quality fruiting body mushroom extract per dose than other gummy brands; typically twice as much for both the mushroom-blend products. Our Immunity gummies features 5 mushrooms at the equivalent of 300mg of each per dose. Our single or double extract products like our Sleep gummies, has one mushroom extract - Reishi - at the equivalent of 1000mg per dose. On another hand, our Brain Health gummies has two mushroom extracts - Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps - at 1000mg each per dose. We also add other active ingredients into our mushroom gummies, in some cases curtailing the need to supplement with other things (such as Vitamin D3, which pretty much everyone who lives in a temperate or cold climate needs), Zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, etc.) which further increases the value proposition of our mushroom supplements.

So we feel pretty darn good about what we’ve created for health and good taste. We hope you do too!

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Brain Health Mushroom Gummies

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Sleep Mushroom Gummies

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