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What Makes OMFG Gummies Different?

There were two problems we set out to solve when we created OMFG gummies:

1. The unknown quality of so many mushroom products.
2. Like 40% of all people, we hate taking pills.

We wanted an organic, delicious way to take high quality, expertly dosed, fruiting body mushrooms supplements. Health supplements that you would actually look forward to taking.

We tracked down what we believe to be the best source of functional mushrooms available. The mushrooms we use for our wellness gummies are grown in the remote, green (i.e. pollution-free) forests of China in the same way they have been for over 5,000 years.

After much research, we found that mushrooms grown on natural wood substrates are vastly superior to those grown on starch, (many mushrooms grown in North America are on starch). The beta-glucans and other beneficial compounds of the fungi are much higher when grown in their native surroundings and on wood.

In order to put all the functional mushroom benefits on our side, our mushroom gummies contain the very best of everything. Here’s what you need to know about functional and adaptogenic mushrooms to make an informed decision.

1. Pure mushroom extract. Mushrooms require extraction to make their bioactive compounds more available to the human body. Our mushroom sources are extracted from 100% fruiting bodies, the part of the functional mushroom that has the highest amount of the good stuff.

2. More beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are the main active ingredient in medicinal mushrooms. Most companies won’t tell you what level of beta-glucans are in their mushroom supplements. We do, and they are certified by a third party laboratory.

3. No grain substrates. Here’s a dirty little secret you need to know. Many mushrooms are grown on starch like rice and oats. But what does this mean? That instead of all those lovely beta-glucans, you’re getting starch instead, meaning you are paying for a useless ingredient instead of a truly medicinal one. 

Oh My Fungi Gummies strives to supply you with only the best ingredients, for only the best mushroom supplements, giving only the best results. And when compared to what’s available on the wellness gummies market, it’s clear to see why you should choose OMFG Gummies


Brain Health Mushroom Gummies

| 30 day supply


Immunity Mushroom Gummies

| 30 day supply


Sleep Mushroom Gummies

| 30 day supply



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